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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Metro: Last Light Video Game Action Adventure Horror. Metro Exodus Video Game Stars: Christopher L. Parson, Anna Graves, Jamieson Price. Action Adventure Drama. Crysis 2 Video Game Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Dishonored Video Game Action Adventure Fantasy. Crysis Video Game Doom Video Game BioShock Infinite Video Game Crysis 3 Video Game Action Sci-Fi.

BioShock Video Game Action Horror Mystery. Edit Cast Cast overview: Mark Ivanir Khan voice Kirk Thornton Alex voice Nina Avetisova Edit Storyline Man has fallen, struggling to survive within Moscow's metro. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. First and foremost a First Person Shooter, along the journey the player must use a multitude of post-apocalyptic themed weaponry to kill a wide variety of enemies.

Combat is mostly split between two forms, that of shootouts with human renegades belonging to the Moscow Metro's various militant factions - and that of gunplay with ferocious mutated creatures that hunt and close in on Artyom for tense moments of close range combat. Weapons in this game mainly consist of makeshift and crude, yet effective weapons. Survival is a main theme of the game, and while danger is always around the corner, the scavenging and conservation of ammunition in and between moments of combat become vital. The game has several types of ammunition that mostly fall into two categories: the regular rounds, which are dirty bullets made in the metro, and military-grade rounds, which were manufactured before the war.

These military grade rounds not only unleash higher damage output but also serve as the game's currency for when Artyom is purchasing items in many of the game's safe stations. This requires the player to make smart decisions as to when, where, and how they use their ammo and also when to prepare their ammo.

Cult Sci-Fi Novel ‘Metro 2033’ to Be Adapted as Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Metro uses a very limited heads up display HUD element to keep to a more "realistic" and "immersive" experience. Rather than use a health bar, blood splatters on the screen indicate how much damage is being inflicted on Artyom, and his gas mask will fog up in radioactive zones, hinting Artyom as to how long until a new filter is required. In order to survive, the player must constantly be aware of the game's subtle indicators. Artyom must use a wrist watch to know how long he can use filters for, or when the player needs to check their heading, they must check a compass.

The game is narratively driven, in that at all times the player is seeking to progress through the game's level to reach a new segment of the game's story.

Metro 2033

The game, however, features two endings that are given to the player based upon a hidden system of Moral Points , which subtly reward players for acting out altruistically or with curiosity - often times without them even realizing it. In this way stealth similarly, plays an important role in gameplay. Due to the fact that Artyom is frequently outnumbered or, later on, by himself, nearly all human-based levels feature alternate routes that can be used to sneak past enemies, and preserve not just ammunition, but enemy lives.

If Artyom does not shed blood needlessly, the player is likely to be rewarded. Spoiler ahead! The story is told in the style of a first person narrative story, by a much older Artyom protagonist as he records his story on an antique typewriter years after his grand journey.

The story opens with Artyom, an orphaned Russian man born just days before the world was destroyed "in the wake of nuclear fire", is accompanied by a man named Miller on a journey to the near uninhabitable surface to destroy the dark ones. Miller, who is within a faction of soldiers known as the " rangers ", serves as an instructor to the player during the opening sequence.

As they arrive on the surface the group links up with two rangers that are equipped with a re-purposed truck. Within minutes the group is ambushed by hundreds of " watchers " - large, rat-like mutants born of the atomic radiation, biological weaponry, and chemical disasters which befell the earth.

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Not long afterwards, a swarm of large mutant bats known as " demons " attacks them. During the battle the car is destroyed, both unnamed rangers are killed, and Artyom is seemingly killed by a dive-bombing demon. The scene then abruptly shifts to a scene 8 days earlier in which Artyom is awoken back in his home Metro station called Exhibition.

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In Exhibition, Artyom and his adopted father Alex travel through the station's hospital where they learn of a battalion's fate after a battle with a mysterious new mutant species, the dark ones. Shortly afterwards they meet up with Hunter , another of the rangers. Shortly after Hunter enters Exhibition though, it is attacked by a wave of mutants called nosalises. After successfully defending the Exhibition against small waves of these mutant creatures, Alex confesses his suspicions that the true threat to humanity's continued -and arduous- survival are the dark ones.

Right before Hunter leaves to battle the dark ones on his own, he hands Artyom his ranger token and orders him that, if Hunter does not return, to present the token to Miller in the far off station of Polis and inform him of the turn of events. It is this quest that guides Artyom through most of his story, as Hunter indeed fails to return and is presumed dead. And thus, the journey begins. After leaving Exhibition and arriving at the nearby station, Riga , Artyom meets a drifter called Bourbon.

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Bourbon offers to give Artyom his Kalash if he helps him get through the tunnels towards Dry Station. After some dangerous trips through the Metro and on the surface, Artyom and Bourbon reach Dry, where Bourbon is captured by bandits. While Artyom attempts to rescue him, Bourbon is killed by the Bandit leader, and vice versa. Almost immediately, however Khan , a ranger associate appears and guides Artyom from this point on.

Khan guides Artyom through some of the more dangerous levels of the Metro, places inhabited by anomalies , an alien and dangerous phenomena, and exceedingly dangerous ghosts , people who have died in the past but cannot pass over After getting through the tunnels, Khan instructs Artyom to go to the Armory alone, where he will meet Khan's friend Andrew. Upon reaching the Armory, Artyom is captured by Communist soldiers but escapes with the assistance of an unnamed man. As Artyom is running for his life, he falls off a bridge and is grabbed and pulled into a hut by Andrew. Andrew then smuggles Artyom out of the Armory, and onto the front line of the Nazis and Communists.

Artyom must fight his way through the front lines, through both Nazi and Communist soldiers; after fighting his way through though, he is captured by the Nazis. The Nazis prepare to execute Artyom, but before they can, Ulman and Pavel , both being rangers, appear, and kill the Nazis. Artyom presents Hunter's token and Ulman tells Pavel to take Artyom to Polis and to meet up with him later.

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Metro 2033 movie announced, premiere set for 2022

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