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After authorising the MAC book pro it is not possible to authorise the kobo ereader. I first connect the ereader before opening Adobe digital. After opening digital I clicked on the ereader connect with laptop. This was advised otherwise adobe should not see the ereader. But no - this option did not appear. Why not? And how can I authorise the ereader? My version of ADE is 4. It worked totally fine, I can absolutely read my book in the ADE itself without any problems. However, my aim is to extract the PDF file itself and print it.

When I located it in Finder, I found it totally blank. However, it shows that its size is 1MB, so there is got to be something hidden behind, but I can't see it Could anybody help me with this? When I choose the option "open with" It goes straight into ADE and can only choose files previously dwnloaded. What do I do next? I am trying to use Adobe Digital Editions 4. But when I start going through the pages of my book, it starts lagging and when I get to the third or fourth page, the app shuts down. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it continues doing the same thing, which is kicking me out of the app, I just tried again and I was able to go maybe 2 pages further than what I was able before, but it still kicked me out.

Can you help me? I have two ebooks in my Adobe Digital Editions library. When I open them, I can only turn the pages by scrolling up or down. The panel on the left side is totally blank. There is no table of contents. It does not load. Is there a way to fix this?

I have a very ancient version of ADE version 1. I was at one time able to use it to download ebooks from my library or that I obtained from other sources to my Nook. I had to get a new Nook as my old one was no longer supported and now I can no longer move the ebooks from ADE to the new Nook, but I can read the ebooks on my computer. I am in the process of setting up a new computer and would like to install ADE on it, but I don't know how to move the items currently in my old ADE to the new computer with a newer version of ADE. I would hate to loose my access to the books I have already added to my current ADE.

Also, some of the older books I had downloaded from the Internet Archive seem to have disappeared from my ADE library. Any idea what happened to them? However, I have not tried to download books to my iPad yet.

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I will attempt that tonight. Every time I try to download Adobe Digital Editions 4. Nothing happens if I click Retry. If I Ignore or Abort, it finishes installing but when I click the desktop short cut, nothing happens. I use Adobe Digital Editions 3. As of last week, my Adobe Digital Editions 3. The loading wheel spins round for a minute then gives up, with nothing happening.

Do you know how I can rectify this? Hello, I have a problem with the function that allows you to go to the next page with the arrow keys. It does not work. I did a search and found some information that confirms that it's the arrows. I am able to go to the last page and the first page, but not to the next page. And that's a function I really need for studying my book. When studying for exam, I need something faster. Thank you for helping me. So I recently bought a lot of schoolbooks as ebooks epub. I had to download Digital Editions as it was the only program co-operating with the publisher of these books.

So my problem now is that as it is schoolbooks all the images are models, that I have to analyse for school, BUT the images are sort of put in the background with overlaying text. This is very disturbing as I payed a lot of money for these books, that I now can't read properly. The settings of Digital Edition prevents me from anything other than sizing the text. I buy a new book and it bring me a licence for a workbook. I download first in my tablet. And was working fine and was available to read the workbook.

And now I cant see the book in the PC either and the tablet. When I use flattener preview, my images are being cut off in some places. Images are cropped or gone in the footer as well as various places on the page. I have Adobe DC Pro Thanks for any help! Normally when I open digital editions I find my books.

Suddenly the library is empty! Any suggestions to how I restore my library? Error getting License. Or a message "Error. Check Activation. I get this eror message. No matter how i work through all the steps, i don't get anywhere. Are you the publisher?

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More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Contact us about this article. Please assist me. Thanks Chris. I want to correct the shaking of video Is there a way to calibrate the two programs? To whom it may concern, Consulting Proposal: Adobe has been trying to differentiate from other electronic book solutuons for quite a long time.

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We ran into many roadblocks with textbook publishers resistant to the new format and as a result our software withered and died on the vine. It appears to me that Adobe is letting Digital Editions also wither on the vine. Here it is and the online reviews on the Google play store are pretty brutal. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers Martin. Virusscanners aren't the issue as they are not installed on every computer. ADE 3.

I'm running out of ideas so any help would be appreciated. I want to use the ebook in 2 computers one desktop and one laptop. Please help. I get an error message saying its already been authorised Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is possible?

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How can I upload my books to the platform? Thank you for advance! Wie kan mij helpen? Nothing else. Anyone able to help?

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It seems that Adobe is not seeing that a device is connected. How can this be solved? Hi Forum Normally when I open digital editions I find my books. Kristian Adult Image?