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He fought in numerous theatres throughout the war, including…. With the release of the Market Garden book, we thought showcasing some of the best US Airborne community creations would be a great idea! View post…. Hey guys! Jamie here, we really love seeing your awesome games online in the Facebook groups! British Airborne Characters First off the glider….

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During the Second World War,…. Reliable and light, the Panzer 38 t Zug will be at home as the core of any Axis forces! Re-build Rome in a day or build it in your own image with the Gangs of Rome scenery from Sarissa Precision! Workshops This piece of scenery has these following….

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This is Campaign: Market Garden, where elite…. The new SAS jeeps are designed to traverse any difficult and dangerous terrain, armed to the teeth with as many machine guns as possible… a prickly foe indeed! SAS Jeep…. Did Santa not deliver what you wanted? Have no fear! Prepare for an intense battle with the German Heer Begleit Stug riders! Patrolling the city, these Bankers are ready to defend their town, loved ones, and the money with undying determination! The civilian force have taken up arms to help their boys fight back against the German menace!

Peter Motas is a name we are all coming to recognise for fabulously detailed and inspirational work, Better for us all is that he loves to share knowledge and here…. View in Store Marrying the obsolete but…. Facing the German blitzkrieg head-on. The new Char B1 Bis stands ready to defend France. The vital operation held in the early hours of the Normandy landings is back again, updated with new models and content, take on the daring raid that paved the way…. Personalise your collection further and show off some flair with the new order dice and dice packs!

German ingenuity and efficiency have bought a new weapon to the Bolt Action battlefields — the new Pak 40 auf RSO… available in three different options.


Crew with either Heer,…. I live in Maidenwell, three hours from….

Learn how to paint either the plane tree autumn camo, oak leaf spring camo…. Withstanding the brutal winter conditions, the new Soviet HQ rally their men for the next charge! View in Store Like the soldiers they commanded, many Soviet officers were inexperienced and…. View in Store The red army used the venerable Maxim Model ….


The new Soviet 82mm medium mortar winter team rain high explosives upon their enemy. Leave your enemies tanks as smouldering ruins with the new Soviet ZiS-2 anti-tank gun. View in Store The 57mm ZiS-2 was developed before the war to give anti-tank artillery regiments…. Usable as a howitzer or an anti-tank gun, punch through enemy armour and break their morale with the new Soviet ZiS-3 divisional gun. View in Store The ZiS-3 was a…. Ever fancied some iconic tank riders for your German forces?

Whilst there is historical detail within the narrative, this volume is not a…. With the invasion of Britain raging on, we thought we'd take a moment out to look at a few chosen battles and to update you all with who's currently winning! Take over the Pacific with your newly painted Japanese army, using this painting guide by Andy Zeck! Hey Guys!

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Jamie here; regular Bolt Action contributor and speed demon Andy Zeck…. Hey Guys: Jamie here!

Jacob Richards — who I am sure you have seen on…. Leading the Australian forces into the heart of the enemy is the new Australian Officer team, with support from the new flamethrower, light mortar and sniper teams. Officer Team View…. Forming the backbone of the Australian army in the Pacific is the new Jungle Division infantry section. View in Store In early , the Australian Army reorganised its militia and…. Sweeping through the Pacific jungle is the new Australian Militia infantry section.

View in Store The militia was trained and equipped to a lesser degree than their regular counterparts in….

Setting up within the dense Pacific forests are the new Australian medium mortar team and medium machine gun team. Providing support to the Australian ground troops is the new short pdr and the PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams. Short pdr Pacific View in Store The ubiquitous pdr was the…. Andy Zeck gets his paintbrush and stopwatch out to get these Marines done in double time! Hey Guys — Jamie here!


I am sure many of you are already familiar…. Answering the Bugle Call…. Can you…. On the eve of the German invasion, the British and German forces finalise their preparations. Building a….

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Battle for freedom or invade the land… Our summer campaign for Bolt Action will soon begin and as sign ups are now open, it would be a great time to…. Theme your battlefields with iconic British objects — the Police, Telephone and Pillar boxes. Watching over your armies progress as the invasion builds momentum, the new Feldgendarme motorcycle team keeps the German forces in-line. View in Store The German Feldgendarmerie force had its origins…. The Dunkirk evacuation, codenamed Operation Dynamo, was the evacuation of nearly , Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk… 10th May , Allied troops found themselves in the….

Hey, guys! JamieT here! We really hope you have been enjoying all the hobby related…. Our antipodean friends rise to the challenge and step into the jungles of New Guinea in this new and challenging theatre of war! View in Store This book is a…. View in Store The Beaverette was a hastily designed stopgap measure that was intended to provide vehicles…. Call it magic or mechanical mastery the new Pickett-Hamilton Disappearing Pillbox will certainly surprise your enemy.

View in Store A concrete tube sunk into a pit in the middle of…. Just the right Guy to have next to you in a firefight, the new Guy armoured Car is ready to defend Britain. Bringing the fight to the enemy on the sea and now land, the Royal Navy Section are ready to teach the Axis forces a lesson. Chris Brown is bringing even more of his insightfulness from the real world into Bolt Action.